Licensed Nurses & Doctors for Onsite Work

Healthserve Home Healthcare provides a full range of 24×7 medical support services to corporate clients ranging from large industrial clinics, construction sites, labor accommodations, camps, schools & hotels.

Why choose us:
1. Providing right clinical staff with the right skills for the job based on type of activity & location.
2. A patient-centric approach and professional assessment of the requirement by our experienced team assures the best and safest possible treatment option for your employees.

What our Nurses can do?
1. Observe and assess the work environment and ensure the health & safety of the workers.
2. Physically examine the workers, take medical histories and review results of laboratory tests and report back to their site in-charge.
3. Identify the workplace hazardous threats and how it affects the worker’s health.
4. Apply site safety & principles in terms of industrial hygiene and personal protective equipment.
5. and more… For more information contact us: 043577657 / 0543061896