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Doctor's visit at your home or place of accommodation

GP Doctors Visit

Health Serve Home Health Care offers highly qualified Physicians (General Practitioners), to provide assessment, consultation.

Physiotherapy & Fitness at home in dubai


Don’t let your pains, aches and injuries restrict your lifestyle; Get safe, effective and personalized treatment.

Licensed Home Care Nursing in Dubai

Home Nursing Services

Health Serve’s skilled home nursing program is designed to address a patient’s long term needs at home. Patient’s that suffer from complex medical issues.

Pregnancy Care home Nurse in Dubai

Pregnancy & Maternity Care

A mother joys begins when new life is stirring inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard and feel for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone

Newborn and Child Care Home Nurse in Dubai

Newborn & Child Care

Becoming a parent for the first time is not easy, especially having a new born child and having no idea on how you will raise a kid.


Elderly Care

We recognize the value of growing older and our services ensure that care givers provide compassionate and reliable medical care to keep the elderly and dependent safe in their homes.

Travel Medical Assistance in Dubai

Travel Medical Assistance

Health Serve Home Healthcare provides high standards of medical care and assistance, amongst our patients. Our group of medical staff can accommodate all medical request in correspondence to patient’s medical needs

Bedside Lab Investigations in Dubai

Lab Investigations

Routine beside lab investigations are very important to assess and monitor the day to day clinical progress of the acute and chronic bed-ridden patients.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension, Lung disease etc can limit the person’s ability to perform important daily activities, thereby making life difficult to manage for millions of old adult people and often forcing them to give up their independence.

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Genetic Testing Analysis

Genetic testing is a powerful tool that examines your DNA to reveal valuable insights for over 250+ health conditions. By analyzing specific genes, it can identify potential health risks, hereditary conditions, and even help in personalizing healthcare plans.

Clinical Assessment

In rendering a proper & personalized medical care plan to each of our patients, we provide a comprehensive initial assessment at their respective homes by our expert clinical team of doctor & nurses.

Assessment Includes

  • Examination of past health records and files, gathering patient’s medical history (currents illness/injuries), relevant and past medical history, allergies and reaction to medications, family & social history.
  • Assessment of current ailments & medications, lifestyle routine and future risks.
  • Physical Assessment which includes and not limited to the following: overall physical, mental and emotional state.
  • Taking Vital Signs: temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation (case to case basis), pain level and blood glucose level.
  • Providing customized medical care plan based on the assessment and as per instructions from your treating specialist physician.
  • Telephonic or Skype follow-up with family and caregivers, if needed.