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Online doctors consultation

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Online doctors consultation

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Online doctors consultation

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Online doctors consultation

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What is Healthserve's Teleconsultation Service?

Healthserve has expedited its planned teleconsultation service to provide assistance to patients during the Covid-19 crisis.
Teleconsultation service allows you to consult online with our highly trained physicians at your own convenience, either on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Teleconsultation or Telemedicine targets to provide healthcare services to patients who do not have access to local health facilities and services for the reason that they are situated in remote areas or governmental restrictions going out of homes.

This kind of service makes it possible for a patient and medical professional to meet a virtual platform while securely sharing and explaining health information. This opens up a whole new avenue to service delivery which allows the healthcare industry to reach anyone across the globe.


Video consultation

Video Consultations

The doctors are ready to treat you GST Saturday- Thursday and 9am-6pm.
Highly qualified Doctors tele consultation

Highly qualified Doctors

Trustworthy, experience and reliable, the Healthserve’s doctors servicing the video consultation offer the highest quality of medical expertise and are trained as telehealth providers. Our doctors can provide prescription medication including antibiotoics, chronic illness medication and repeat prescriptions.
Confidential and secure video consultation

Confidential and secure

Your calls are allways confidential and your private health data is in safe hands. We meet HIPPA standards, the most respected global standard for protecting sensitive patient data and are GDPR complaint. We will never share any of your information to a third party without your consent.

Teleconsultation (lasting upto 30 min) Includes:

  • History taking and review of the clinical history
  • Virtual assessment and consultation
  • To provide online prescription

@ 20 $ ONLY

Advantages of Teleconsultation:

  • Saves time, avoiding long waiting hours and unnecessary travel
  • No need to visit a clinic or hospital
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Reduce unnecessary tests and medications
  • Having the patient’s medical needs attended to at the comfort of his/her home on mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Highly trained, licensed doctors and wellness experts
  • Honest and ethical medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine
  • Medication & repeat prescription management and delivery, where available
  • Continous management care for chronic diseases
  • Advice and support for healthy, acute and chronic
  • Customized wellness programs with meal and exercise plans
  • Can be referred to specialist should you need a further consultation in clinic/hospital
teleconsultation by physician on video call

What we can treat on teleconsultation

Our doctors are able to assist with a wide range of symptoms and are happy to advice on any of your medical complaints recommend treatments and offer prescriptions (when needed) for non-emergency medical concerns. Some of the symptoms you can book a consultation for are:

It is very common to be unsure whether or not you need to see a doctor. There will be times when your Healthserve doctor will not be able to diagnose your condition using teleconsultation. Doctors working on teleconsultation are always able to listen to your concerns, assess the urgency of your complaint and direct you to the appropriate speciality so you can receive the care your require.

Healthserve's telemedicine for corporates and their employees

Boost your employees wellbeing and reduce your healthcare spend trough teleconsultation.
Reduce healthcare costs using teleconsultation

Reduction in overall Healthcare costs

  • Reduction in overall claims
  • Limiting outpatient visits
  • Fewer unnecessary diagnostic tests and prescriptions
  • Reduction in annual health insurance premium
Graph showing Increased Productivity in employees by using teleconsultation service

Increased Productivity

  • Reduction in sick leave and absenteesim
  • Less time out of the office
  • Keep your employees healthy and productive
  • Emphasis on corporate health and wellness
Recruit and retain employees by teleconsultation

Improved recruitment and retention

  • Additional remuneration benifits
  • Unique selling point over other employees
  • Caring approach towards your staff
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • More motivated workforce
*DHA approved sick leave can be given at an extra charge, if the physician feels the need for the same based on the assessment of the symptoms.
**The above service excludes any major injuries or medical emergencies such as heart attack or cardiac arrest, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.) physical abuse, assault , or any other life threatening injuries. For all medical emergencies, please call 999 or 998

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